III Dope Chicks
The Crazy The Sexy The Cool
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Who Are the Three Dope Chicks?

b. 1986, HK.

DopeChickNeeks, DopeChickSerenite, and DopeChickKali

DopeChickNeeks, DopeChickSerenite, and DopeChickKali



The Crazy. The Sexy. The Cool.

Three Dope Chicks was born from the years of ridiculous, crude, informative and hilarious conversations about life between friends Kalina, Serena and Tanneka. Individually, these women are at different stages in their 30-something lives, but collectively they share a variety of values, thoughts, experiences and knowledge.  This podcast is result of their love of high heels, trap music and six pack abs and every other week, they will be chatting about any one of those topics and more. Join these Three Dope Chicks as they navigate their beautifully flawed lives with grace, laughter, & spilled tea.